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Feast of the BVM 13th of August 2017

As many English people and maybe some of you do, during summer time I tend to go with my family to warmer places than England. The choices are usually Italy or Spain. However, It […]

Family Mass and BBQ

We’re kicking off the new term with a

Family Mass and BBQ


Sunday September 10th

Join us at St Peter’s,
W4 1BB at 10am

For more information, please, email the office at:

Rowan Fergusson

Rowan moved to the parish at Easter 2016 and, having found her way to St Peter’s, really appreciated the welcome she received. Although she lived in Chiswick as a baby, she has spent most […]

Evensong 2nd of July 2017 – Jesus’ auscultation

Reading this brief story about king Saul and his desperate attempt to regain God’s support using a medium as a last resort to consult the spirit of Samuel, is like watching the 5th season […]

Evensong 4th of June 2017 – Feast of Pentecost

At Ascension Day we left the apostles in the Temple at Jerusalem, and this morning during the Sunday service we heard the first part of the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit […]

Ascension Day 25th May 2017

Ascension Day

Have you ever looked at the same story or fact from two different perspectives? Let me give you a couple of small examples.

During WWII General Creighton Abrams found himself […]

Neil Gordon – churchwarden

Neil has been part of the congregation at St Peter’s since 1997, with his wife, Viv and two (now young adult) sons, Alex and Josh, both of whom were Baptised at St Peter’s. Neil’s […]

Helen Garlick

Helen was born and raised in Cardiff and has lived in Chiswick for around 30 years. She attended St Michaels regularly before Father Fabrizio became vicar at St Peters.

She is retiring from a career […]

Sunday 7th May 2017 Sermon

Jesus, the truth and the light of the world

A shepherd was herding his flock in a remote pasture when suddenly a brand new Jeep Cherokee advanced out of a dust cloud towards him. The […]

Sunday Sermon 26th February 2017

“Do not tell the vision to anyone
until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.”

The Transfiguration is certainly one of the most magnificent scene depicted by Raphael, the Italian High Renaissance […]