Fr Fabrizio joined the St Michael’s team in July 2015 with primary responsibility for St Peter’s Acton Green.  He cares deeply about evangelism and making the church the centre of community life.

He has a life-time interest in music and love singing. He likes different genres such as jazz, classic and contemporary Italian music. He loves Italian food as much as International and Fusion cuisine. He is passionate about cinematography and appreciate independent as much as more commercial movies. He loves reading, especially studies and literature related to Spirituality, International Migration, History and Politics. He likes practicing sports, in particular football and swimming.

About his life and professional career

He was born and brought up in Southern Italy, in Puglia, and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 2003. His formation for priesthood took place in Argentina where he worked as a missionary priest with the order of Missionaries of St Charles (Scalabrinians) for seven years.

As recently ordained priest, Fr Fabrizio worked for two years as assistant priest at Madre de los Emigrantes Parish in Buenos Aires and then was appointed as Chaplain of the Italian Community in Buenos Aires. His role entailed many responsibilities in terms of promoting activities, events, seminars, exhibitions and meetings and keeping private as much as public relationships with religious and non-religious Italian associations and diplomatic representatives.

In 2010 Fr Fabrizio left his order and eventually moved to London where he got married to Valeria, and they have two children.  He has worked as an International Sales Manager in the advertising and online marketing industry for almost three years in London. In 2015 he was received into the Church of England as a priest and began working at St Michael’s and then St Peter’s.