Being mindful it IS a state of mind accessible and relevant to all of us. Hospitality, openness, and refraining from judging are key aspects of human mindfulness. The
practitioner is encouraged to take an hospitable attitude to whatever thoughts and experiences arise, to consider them as they are, without evaluating them or getting
bogged down in analysing them. Being mindful then is about letting the thoughts flow as well as being open to them, while trying to not let them become our identity.

Wednesday 2nd of May
Practising mindfulness
Wed 9th of May
Mindful gratitude
Wed 16th of May
Mindful Wisdom

Wed 23th of May
Mindful ReflectionFrom 5 to 6pm
From 8 to 9pm

A course for everyone
Mindfulness is for everyone!
Mindfulness is not for experts or people that are already ‘calm’ or meditative people.
Very often our modern life demands us to constantly worry about something. We are worried about work, performances, planning, managing other people’s expectations, family life, and so on and so forth…
The sessions wouldn’t be about taking away our worries, but helping to change our relationship with our worries. Mindfulness is about living more in the present.
Very often many of us are thinking about the past or worrying about the future, and merely holding our breath in the present. Mindfulness is about staying in the present moment.

In the Christian tradition, mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without wishing it were otherwise.

In the Buddhist tradition, Sati (mindfulness) refers to being present – the opposite of absent- mindedness. It can be thought of as presence of mind.

Classical Hindu-based Meditation is about training the mind into releasing itself, training the mind into giving the thinking apparatus a rest, so that we can realise our Higher Selves, our essential oneness with whatever we consider to be divine.

Yoga and mindfulness can also be directly related, as some yoga practices incorporate mindfulness. Some mindfulness meditation practices such as the body scan are very similar to yoga, as they both involve awareness of one’s body.

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