Mindfulness is about staying in the present moment.

Mindfulness is for everyone!
Mindfulness is not for experts or
people that are already ‘calm’ or meditative people.

Very often our modern life demands us to constantly worry about something. We are worried about work, performances, planning, managing other people’s expectations, family life, and so on and so forth…

The sessions wouldn’t be about taking away our worries, but helping to change our relationship with our worries.

Being mindful it IS a state of mind accessible and relevant to all of us. Hospitality, openness, and refraining from judging are key aspects of human mindfulness. The practitioner is encouraged to take an hospitable attitude to whatever thoughts and experiences arise, to consider them as they are, without evaluating them or getting bogged down in analysing them. Being mindful then is about letting the thoughts flow as well as being open to them, while trying to not let them become our identity.

Mindfulness, Compassion and Gratitude
Evening course

Learn to practice mindfulness
through exercises about
The Riches of Silence
Body Sensations. Thought Control

An Eight week course
led by Fr Fabrizio

St Peter’s Church, W41BBW
October to December 2018
From 8 to 9pm
Start date 3 October
An Eight week course


Body, Mind, Heart
Daytime course
“When the inner life is ignored, violence erupts in some form or other, whether in physical or mental illness in the individual, or civil unrest within a nation, or war between nations” (Gerard W. Hughes)
Suitable for those new to meditation or for deepening an ongoing practice.

It is a four week course that will be held at
St Peter’s church during
the following dates:
4 and 11 October
1 and 8 November
and led by Mthr Maggie

St Peter’s Church, W41BB
October to November 2018
From 2 to 3pm
Start date 4 October
A Fo

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