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Please support the St Peter's Community Hub fundraising event by making a purchase from our online sale. Our next sale is after Mass on Sunday 25th April 11am-1pm

where you can collect online orders or buy products with cash. Tickets for St Peter's Prosecco Raffle will also be on sale.

Do come along on the day to see what has been made for you to enjoy this month! Thank you

So simply order online here and come to St Peter's on 25th April between 11am-1pm to collect your orders.

You can also just turn up on the day and browse our products which will be available to purchase.

Thank you

Product Reviews

The mango and orange homemade chutney/marmalade is an absolute winner. You can enjoy it traditionally on bread or toast, or you can add it as an ingredient to your cooking, as recommended by the chef himself. He very kindly supplied a recipe for a special Italian chicken dish and the mango and orange brought a new dimension, a surprisingly good accompaniment. Highly recommended! J.

It's truly spectacular. It's so different to the commercial ‘overly sweetened’ marmalades that I normally buy …and yes I LOVE marmalade. Delicate flavours that seem to remain in my senses long after the event.

I came straight to the kitchen after you left and tried it….

Now I just want more…1 jar will never be enough

Thank you for the gift, but now you’ve sentenced me to a life of marmalade desire…a cruel & heartless place to live



I love the mango and orange marmalade. Really lovely flavour combinations, and quite unusual. We really enjoyed the fact that they all have some heat from the addition of chilli or ginger. Using traditionally Italian flavours but giving them a Mexican kick is something unique. J.

The jam is excellent and good either on its own or as an accompaniment to chicken. The recipe was good too - very tasty. T.


The Chef Stefano Pesce delights the palate, educates your taste and incites amateur cooks 

to create an imaginative and vivid cooking. Plain dishes become dainty and festive when served 

with "marmellata", chutney or sauce prepared for you by Stefano, always with the right balance of flavours and gathering (sometimes unexpected) of ingredients. Try, for instance, his recipe "Mango &Orange Marmalade Chicken with Rice." Delicious for everyone! Or some gammon with "apple and ginger marmellata."

There too, rice will be perfect on the side. 

If you prefer vegetable dishes, try one of the sauces with oven roasted sweet potatoes and carrots or green vegetable and chickpeas in a frying pan with the "Red Tomatoes Sauce." if you like a highly seasoned and relish dish. 

Allow yourself to be tempted by all sorts of possibilities, but off course, do not forget the small stuffed peppers as a starter to whet your appetite!

Be ready to cook and experiment! L.

Le chef Stefano Pesce réjouit le palais, éduque le gout et stimule la créativité des cuisiniers amateurs. Il incite à une cuisine imaginative et vivante. Les plats les plus simples deviennent délicats et festifs accompagnes des marmelades, chutney et sauces que Stefano prépare pour vous, toujours avec le juste équilibre des saveurs, et l’assemblage, parfois inattendu, des ingrédients. 

Essayez, par exemple, sa recette de « Poulet au riz avec mangue et orange marmelade », un régal pour la famille et les amis. Ou quelques tranches de Gammon avec la marmelade de pomme and gingembre. La’ aussi le riz est un excellent support des saveurs. 

Si vous préférez les légumes choisissez l’une ou l’autre des sauces avec de beaux quartiers de patates douces rôties au four avec quelques carottes. Une belle poêlée de légumes varies et quelques pois chiches déviant un plat savourent et bien relevé avec la ‘sauce rouge’.

Sans oublier, bien sûr,  les poivrons farcis accompagnes d’un bon vin, en hors d’œuvre, pour vous ouvrir l’appétit!

Alors, à vos fourneau, et tendez toutes sortes de combinaisons !  L.      

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